Latemp - An Offline CMS

Welcome to the homepage of Latemp. Latemp (a play on "Template") is an offline CMS (= content management system) based on Website Meta Language, a powerful, off-line framework for generating static HTML, and server-side HTML that embeds code (such as PHP, HTML::Mason, ASP, or Embperl). Latemp allows one to create attractive, themable sites, which are very usable, accessible and fully standards compliant. Latemp is open-source software - fully usable, modifiable and distributable under the terms of the MIT X11 license.

You can find more information about Latemp in the about page. You can also see example sites that were prepared with Latemp and view their source code. The documentation page contains various documents describing how to use Latemp.

Finally, you can actually download Latemp, set it up and give it a try.


Latemp Post on the Codegreen Forum

I posted a post about Latemp on the Codegreen forum. It sparked some interesting discussion.

Version 0.6.0

Latemp version 0.6.0 was released. This is a new stable version.

Version 0.4.0

Latemp version 0.4.0 was released. This is a new stable version.

Latemp Now Runs on Windows

Latemp now runs on Microsoft Windows, after Website META Language was fixed to build on cygwin

First stable version of Latemp - 0.2.0

Latemp version 0.2.0 was released. This is the first stable version of Latemp.