Latemp Version 0.4.0 was Released

Date: 2006-August-29

Latemp version 0.4.0, a new stable release was released, with several enhancements:

  1. Added support for TTML - Template Toolkit ML - a preprocessor, that can be used to preprocess CSS files, etc.
  2. Added an experimenal css-zen-garden theme, that can be used to style the site using a CSS Zen Garden stylehseet. (Which possibly has to be somewhat adapted.)
  3. Converted Bundle::Latemp to Task::Latemp.
  4. Added the HTML::Latemp::NavLinks::GenHtml::ArrowImages module.
  5. HTML::Latemp::GenMakeHelpers:
    • Added tests.
    • Refactored the code.
    • Added .ttml support.
    • Added the ability to post-process the file lists.
  6. Added the support-headers sub-dir to the trunk with some .ttml headers for creating dynamic TTML.

Find it on the download page.