About Latemp

History and Motivation

After Shlomi Fish has learned HTML, and has worked for a web-design company, he maintained his own web-site on his University servers by manually editing HTML pages and other such content. This, while being sufficient, produced relatively uninteresting HTML with little resemblance to an integrated site. As he had to maintain some other sites, he was looking for a better solution.

He came across Website Meta Language which after he learned, and set up on his Linux servers, allowed him to build integrated, usable and attractive sites. As time went by he created a great deal of sites this way, by copying the contents of an old site and adapting it to the needs of the new site.

More recently, he came to the conclusion that he shouldn't duplicate his work in so many places. As he came upon older sites, he often found he had to revise their build system or templates to adapt them to the knowledge he acquired more recently. To remedy this, he decided to create a content management system that will allow to maintain multiple sites by abstracting the common code.

This was the birth of Latemp ("Latemp" being a play on the word "Template"): a powerful, integrated framework for maintaining static HTML web-sites. This site, for example was created using Latemp, and so are others.



Latemp makes use of the following technologies:

Additionally, in order to install Latemp, you'll need SCons, which is a Python-based build system.