Write a Patch for Web-CPAN and Get an "Ozy & Millie" T-Shirt

As a special offer to encourage other people to become involved, the web-cpan project is going to offer Ozy and Millie T-Shirts to the first 5 people who contribute one substantial patch or several smaller ones (to the discretion of our judge.)

The process is as follows:

  1. Write the patch, or announce your intentions to me and then write it. You can also send a pull request.
  2. Choose a shirt from the store and email me your shipping address, shirt size and cut, and other required details.

Why this Offer?

This offer was started from the following reasons:

  • To encourage contributions for the Web-CPAN Projects.
  • To bring some publicity to the Ozy and Millie comic, which is a very cool, and a highly aesthetic, comic by a very cool artist.
  • To bring some monetary help to the O&M cartoonist. (Directly and Indirectly.)

What Can I Find in Web-CPAN?

Web-CPAN concentrates developement for several CPAN modules and other projects:

  • Test-Run - a new and improved test harness for analysing TAP output, based on Test::Harness, but heavily revamped (and API incompatible with it.)
  • CGI-Application-NetNewsIface - a readonly web frontend to a remote NNTP (Usenet) server ultimately aimed to replace the existing one on www.nntp.perl.org, but also serve for similar needs.
  • HTML-Widgets-NavMenu is a sophisticated generator for HTML navigation menus. See this call for volunteers for what needs to be done.
  • XML-CompareML - a module to render CompareML, an XML-based grammar for comparisons into HTML or DocBook. Right now, we could really use an interactive web interface to query and also modify such a comparison.
  • Latemp is an offline Content Management System (CMS) based on Web Meta Language, and several CPAN modules. It could use some love, too.
  • Test-Count is a module for keeping track of the number of tests in a test script.
  • XML-Grammar-ProductsSyndication is a new project to define an XML grammar for syndicating products (like books, movies, CDs, etc.) on one's home site. It's still in its infancy. Contributions to it will be more than welcome.

And there's a lot of other stuff on my open source projects page.



LeoNerd (also see his CPAN page, has helped in co-maintaining Error.pm, and got a "Whatever doesn't kill" T-shirt for his boyfriend.

Miriam Erez

Thumbnail of Miriam wearing the T-shirt.

Miriam of Miriam Erez Translations has copy edited the Hebrew version of my story The Enemy and How I Helped to Fight it, giving many useful corrections, and in return received a "Tails" shirt. She is photographed above wearing it.

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